Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Way to start the road trip

The next six games will be a big test for the Warriors. If they can manage it 4-2, or at least 3-3, maybe we won't have to panic over the two manhandlings the non-awe-inspiring Nets and Celtics put on Golden State in their last two games. But...

Three of the six are at Detroit, at Dallas, and at Philadelphia (no, Philly isn't awe-inspiring, either, but the Warriors have just dropped two in a row on the road to this kind of team, remember). They play Boston again, and they also play what must be an ever-increasingly desperate Denver squad. Throw in an improving, although now Yao-less Houston team, and there is a lot of potential for the Warriors to start January right about .500 if they aren't careful.

The other problem they have is that everyone else in the division is playing better (well, except Sacramento, but I'd hesitate to count them totally done yet). The Warriors have to clean up outside of their division (especially in the East), so that losses within their division won't hurt so much -- and believe me, with the way they looked against Phoenix and the Clippers earlier this year, each divisional game will be a dogfight.

Oh, and by the way, Mike Dunleavy is making me nervous again. For those of you (yes, I mean YOU, Pops) who wanted to compare and equate Dunleavy to the Pistons' Tayshaun Prince, there is no comparison at this point. Go look at Prince's sparkly, pretty stats, then go look at Dunleavy's dull, uninteresting statline and tell me how the two compare -- keeping in mind, of course, that Prince plays much better perimeter defense in addition to having the statistical edge...oh, and that Prince is doing it for what is currently the best team in the NBA, too.

Well, alright, the difference isn't night and day, but Prince is playing much better than Dunleavy is to this point, which was my point.

C'mon, Mike. Play better. Please.