Monday, March 13, 2006

How could you tell?

Okay, so perhaps this season wasn't the best time for me to start a Warriors blog.

Between a lack of time and my teeth-grinding frustration with the team, this is the first new entry on this site in 2006.

Sad. Not Flavor Flav reality-show sad, but sad nonetheless.

But, good things I'm taking away from this season:
  • Jason Richardson is all growed-up. To say he isn't one of the premier off-guards in the league is a denial of reality. Sure, he still has holes in his game, but the things J-Rich does well he does very, very well, and the holes in his game aren't as large as they were two or three seasons ago. Many thought he'd never blossom, thought that he'd fade somewhat since Baron Davis' arrival, but no -- it's Richardson's team, now.
  • Here's to hoping Mike Montgomery sees the writing on the wall, and stops screwing around with Andris Biedrins' minutes. Let him play, because the franchise needs to hope that he'll be an answer to their big-man woes either in 2007 or 2008. While starting him might be a bit much, realistically it wouldn't hurt a thing. At least, as long as Andris stays away from the free-throw line. Yech.
  • Monta Ellis is going to be a player. It's just a matter of when. Hopefully, it coincides at the exact moment that Baron is no longer with the club, whenever that might be.

We all were jumping the gun with the optimism for this season, obviously, but hopefully Chris Mullin can see that Baron, Richardson, and Mike Dunleavy aren't going to be the new version of Run TMC, and go out and fix the problems the team has (which mostly revolve around bench depth and the center position).


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