Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Will this be the year?

For many NBA teams, that question is asking, "Will they be able to win the championship this year?".

For the Golden State Warriors, it asks, "Will they be able to make the playoffs this year?".

This year is a huge problem for me. Normally, I'm quite pessimistic, and with the history of this team over the last 10 years...well, it's very easy to go with the flow. But while I won't just dump my pessimism yet, I will make one statement:

I want to be optimistic. And that's pretty significant in and of itself.

Tonight it begins against Atlanta, and while I'm not one to act like the first game of a season means more than any of the other 81, for this franchise, it would do a lot for the fanbase to get off to a quick start. Against the Hawks, at home is the situation for it.


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